Mo is the first best friend and protector of a child.
He performs several functions, which conveys a feeling of security and safety to the child.
The most important feature is its magical light, which protects the children from evil monsters, 
ghosts and other weird creatures when they go to bed.
His white light illuminates his whole head, which is slightly translucent.
The result is an indirectly glowing night light.
Another function of Mo also helps when going to bed or just in boring situation.
In fact, Mo can tell stories and fairy tales.
These can be transferred as audio files from the computer to Mo via the interface located at his sole.
The speaker is hidden in his mouth.
Mo can also be used as a cuddly toy.
It is elastic and soft because of it‘s TPE material.

Bernhard Lenger (Animation, Shading, Modeling of Book)
Bianca Busetti (Paintings, Layout, Modeling of Mo)

Discover - research about children's fears
Discover - benchmarks
Discover - 3 main functions needed
Discover - character research
Design - stationary and cuddle toy concepts
Design - character concepts
Design - modeling with clay to define proportions and face
Define - 3D modeling and details
indirect light in the head

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