MeiRodl is a functional one person sled, designed with a push-fit system. There are no screws needed to connect the parts (only the runners out of stainless steel are attached with screws) and it is very stable while sledding. 
The sled is designed to either be carried uphill like a backpack or just be pulled up. It is an easy system with straps which can be adjusted to the matching size of the person (L, M, S - same as with backpacks). 
The sled can be produced industrially with low costs because all parts are manufacturable with a 5-axis milling machine. The 5 wooden parts are made out of beech plywood. The seat pad can be bought as an add-on and is made out of pleather. It is mounted with a hook and loop fastener underneath the seat board.
"MeiRodl" is an Austrian dialect and means "my sled".
music credits: Michael Giacchino - "Up with Titles"
Inspiration - sleds on the market
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Conclusio: Design a portable product which is inexpensive regarding industrial production and easy to transport and to store.
3 Sizes to carry the sled like a backpack
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