University Of Applied Arts Vienna
Team Project - 1st Semester
fall term 2010/11
Industrial Design 2 - Studio Hartmut Esslinger (founder of frog design)

Our goal was to create an environmentally friendly submarine that doesn't pollute or destroy our oceans.
That's why we tried to design a silent, electric bionic submarine that moves like an underwater animal without distracting other sea dwellers. We want to bring people closer to the ocean's plants and wildlife attracting more attention to endangered species, as well as to this beautiful and very special area of our planet.

The final concept has the ability to move like a manta ray, with improved handling thanks to the additional tail fin. It is powered by two water-cooled battery packs that provide energy for the carbon nanotubes in the wings. These nanotubes contract like muscles and create a smooth movement, which allows our submarine to reach a depth of 40 meters.

Tamas Nyilanszky


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