Camping 360°   
Higher Technical Collage for Industrial Design Ferlach
Team Project - academic paper for A levels
2009/10 Industrial Design
Corporation with
Dethleffs GmbH und Co. KG
                             The complete thesis "Camping 360°" as pdf.
Innovate Camping! 
The task was to design a caravan with a length of 5999mm which should still be very spacious and should accommodate FOUR! people. The thesis „Camping 360°“ includes the design, concept development and implementation in various 3D visualization-programs and the creation of a 1:10 model. 
We made a survey on various camping sites and
the main questions we wanted to solve were:
- Why must we always decide between camper and caravan?
- Why can’t the caravan be as compact just as a camper and offer the same driving characteristics?
- Why can’t we be equally flexible with a Camper as with the car of my caravan?
- How can we improve the handling of the awning?
- How can we fix the wellknown problem of lack of space?
- Can we create a new imagination of camping under the title "healthy sleep"?
The concept:
The motor caravan “2 Pi” exists of two components, an electric car and a motorised caravan. A steep connection and a folding upwards rear axle allow the driving comfort of a motor caravan. Another point is that you can get to all the places ecologically. The complete vehicle is driven by an engine in the double bottom, which also recharges its batteries.
The name was chosen because our vehicle looks
lika a circle in the bird's eye perspective and the
mathemathic formula of an arc says 360°= 2 Pi. 
As a marketing strategy the project group tried to find
some suitable advertising slogans like: "2Pi small in
a big way", and designed some posters.
To make the assemble of the awning easier, the team
has decided to use a round integrated awning made out
of two main parts, a curtain and a soft top element. Not only
the quick setup is completely innovativ, it is
 also the flexible
sizing of the awning. 
The lack of space is solved by outsourcing the two
biggest parts of the room - the beds.
They are now like drawers - pulled out of an in-between
bottom. To cover the beds you just use the transparent
hard cover made out of ABS-elements and/or the opaque
soft cover and click it onto the bed frames. The beds are
completely connected to the inside and the campers get
into the beds  by passing the walk-in wardrobe where they
have two separate doors. Through this outsourcing of the
beds there is much more space inside, used for a bigger
bathroom and living room.
When lying under the transparent ABS cover,
you can even watch the stars at night!
Or use it as outside bed without the cover
during the day. Or feel like sleeping in a tent. 
Everything is possible! 
The outdoor box
In the rear the team decided to place an outdoor
box for a table, seats and other things e.g. a griller.
Also a clothes rack, a cycle stand and a box for the
curtain of the awning are integrated.
On the top of the vehicle there is the second box for the

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